GEN UK appoints Linzi Boyd Ambassador of Purpose

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GEN UK is excited to appoint Linzi Boyd, founder of One Earth and serial entrepreneur, as its Ambassador for Purpose. Linzi is a global speaker, leading with purpose and impact and passionate about everyone being seen and heard. She will be using her role as Ambassador to drive growth on purpose to shift business mindsets and [...]

GEN UK to launch Founder’s Friday Open Mic

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No agenda, no presentations, no panels, no speeches. GEN UK is launching Founder's Friday Open Mic. This is a refreshing opportunity for entrepreneurs to share what they're doing, thinking, and planning. Open to all start and scale founders and entrepreneurs. Hosted by the GEN UK team on the GEN UK HUB every Friday, Open Mic is [...]

Watch 100 startups pitch live in the world’s largest entrepreneurship competition

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World's top 100 up-and-coming startups are ready to pitch. The stage is set, and the Entrepreneurship World Cup Global Finals are about to begin! Watch live from 13.30 GMT March 10th. Founders from 53 countries are vying for a share of the $1 million prize pot, the competition is fierce – and the excitement is palpable.

Come and meet the world in Melbourne 19-22 September

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We are looking forward to gathering together with our GEN colleagues at the GEC in Melbourne and creating new connections and opportunities.   Last year in Riyadh we had a UK delegation of almost 30 ecosystem players, and we would love to invite you to join us this year for GEC 2023.   Vibrant, scalable, and high-performing startup [...]

Grow with Purpose – the big theme for GEW UK 2022

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Global Entrepreneurship Week celebrated its 15th anniversary this year across 200 countries. In the UK hundreds of events took place across the country and online via the GEN UK HUB. The big theme was Grow with Purpose focusing on the why and how entrepreneurs can make an impact. GEW UK 2022 launched at the NatWest conference [...]

GEW focuses on sustainability and innovation at COP27

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This is Global Entrepreneurship Week and tomorrow our theme is Sustainability and Innovation.  As part of the lineup we are hosting the second Startup Planet conference focusing on green and blue entrepreneurs from around the world and COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh.  All sessions are available on demand at   To mark the event we [...]

Counting down to GEW on the road to COP27

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As we approach Global Entrepreneurship Week, we have driven two Startup Planet electric cars on an envirodrive from Glasgow, home of COP26, to Sharm El Sheikh. Envirorally’s Clara Stone completed over 3,000 miles across 11 countries in 2 legs. En route she visited sustainability and innovation hubs, was welcomed by embassies, and received the kindness of [...]

Driving the Net Zero road to COP27

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Our countdown to GEW UK 2022 starts today. As part of GEW UK this year we are presenting Startup Planet will host the big conversation between entrepreneurs and policy makers to fast-track progress towards Net Zero. Started in Glasgow during COP26, we are back for COP27 driving the road from Glasgow to Sharm El Sheikh in [...]

Counting down to Global Entrepreneurship Week

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Just 10 weeks until the 15th Anniversary of the World's largest celebration of Entrepreneurship, GEW UK 2022. GEN UK has a vibrant programme of activities 14-20 November and already our launch event on Monday 14th, hosted by NatWest Group is booking fast. This year our theme is Grow With Purpose and you can find events and [...]

GEW UK 2021 is championing entrepreneurs

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GEW UK 2021 is championing founders[/caption]GEW UK 2021 is packed with events this year covering a broad agenda covering topics like Climate, Education, Inclusion, Policy, Women's Entrepreneurship, and Founder Wellbeing. You can access all the events and activities taking place across the UK on the GEN UK HUB. If you are away from your screen you [...]

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