We are looking forward to gathering together with our GEN colleagues at the GEC in Melbourne and creating new connections and opportunities.   Last year in Riyadh we had a UK delegation of almost 30 ecosystem players, and we would love to invite you to join us this year for GEC 2023.   Vibrant, scalable, and high-performing startup ecosystems have the power to transform global ecosystems, infrastructure and communities. More than ever, it’s time to build sustainable, resilient connections between entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and community leaders from across the world.

Much was accomplished at GEC 2022 in Riyadh. The Global Entrepreneurship Network convened our communities driving 12 areas of global programming along with leadership from around the world to refresh existing programs and launch new ones. Attracting 9,300 in-person delegates, we announced $13.8bn in new global investments all inspired by the need to re-think and regenerate the global economy.

At GEC 2023, our theme is Transforming Our World. We have reset and know what to do. Now it is time to get to work. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated massive changes in consumer behavior and citizens around the world adapted quickly to a sudden and unexpected shutdown of normal life. While pent-up demand from consumers has caused entrepreneurship to surge, entrepreneurs must now seize the moment to accelerate opportunity and make it accessible to everyone for a more inclusive, sustainable and equitable world.

Among many content streams, GEC 2023 will highlight:

  1. The Next Generation of Ecosystems in the Post-Pandemic World
  2. The Rise of Entrepreneurship + Innovation in Asia
  3. An Inclusive Prosperity Framework
  4. Deeper Solutions for Exponential Global Challenges
  5. The New Role of Government in Strengthening Entrepreneurs + Communities
  6. The Increasing Importance of Connectivity + Cross-Border Collaboration

At GEC 2023, you will be able to:

  1. Gain valuable insight from global leaders on how ecosystems are innovating for bigger and wider impact with examples of ready-to-scale programs and next-generation efforts to help entrepreneurs sharpen their skills.
  2. Learn through one of the Asia Pacific region’s most vibrant startup ecosystems about forward-looking efforts to support entrepreneurs.
  3. Pursue new friendships and opportunities with entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, ecosystem leaders and other delegates from 200 countries.

GEC 2023 is co-hosted by the Global Entrepreneurship Network and MCI Australia. If you would like to join the UK delegation please email egold@genuk.org for a discount code. Registration is now available at gec.co.