Marc is an entrepreneur who has worked across the media industries as a Founder, CEO, Director, Strategist and Creative Director.

Marc Ortmans
Chair, Executive Director

Elaine is an experienced executive consultant who has worked extensively in entrepreneurship, leadership development and change.

Elaine Gold
Acting MD, Executive Director

Katherine has worked in corporate services, healthcare, environment, education and charity sectors as company secretary, manager and advisor

Katherine Roberts
Company Secretary


Piers is Founder/CEO of Moblox, an entrepreneur, investor, former Dragon’s Den dragon, and champion of diversity in SMEs

Piers Linney

Priya is a venture partner at Merian Ventures, investing in women-led innovation, an Innovate UK Council member and TLA/GTA advisor.

Priya Guha MBE

Arif is a senior lecturer at Bloomsbury Institute and Executive Director of the Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network.

Arif Zaman
Ambassador, Education


Chris is a senior entrepreneurship strategy specialist at the World Bank and previously led NESTA's research into startups and new tech impa

Dr. Chris Haley
Non-Executive Director

Before founding startup RunFriendly Scott was Executive Director at Future Cities Catapult and cofounder of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Scott Cain
Non-Executive Director

Jonathan is founder and president of GEN and helped launch GEN’s cornerstone initiative, Global Entrepreneurship Week, in 2008.

Jonathan Ortmans
Global Representative, Director

Ginni has worked in banking and accountancy as company secretary, assistant compliance manager and auditing assistant.

Ginni Kapoor
Deputy Company Secretary


Russell is a Scottish entrepreneur, investor, strategist and Innovator. He is Founding Chairman of the Scottish Business Network.

Russell Dalgleish
National Director, Scotland

A multi-award-winning entrepreneur, growth mindset educator, speaker, founder, mentor, mental health and wellbeing trainer.

Katie Matthews
National Director, Northern Ireland, Director GEW UK

Francesca James is founder of Great British Entrepreneur Awards, a national celebration of entrepreneurship across the UK.

Francesca James
National Director, Wales


Josh Armstrong is Enterprise Officer at University of Winchester and is passionate about creating future ready entrepreneurs.

Josh Armstrong
Advisor, Education

Matt Smith is director of research and policy for GEN and has worked at the heart of the UK’s world-leading entrepreneurial ecosystem since.

Matt Smith
Advisor to the Board