This is Global Entrepreneurship Week and tomorrow our theme is Sustainability and Innovation.  As part of the lineup we are hosting the second Startup Planet conference focusing on green and blue entrepreneurs from around the world and COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh.  All sessions are available on demand at  

To mark the event we have driven the Startup Planet electric car on an envirodrive from Glasgow, home of COP26, to Sharm El Sheikh.  . Envirorally’s Clara Stone completed over 3,000 miles across 11 countries in 2 legs. En route she visited sustainability and innovation hubs, was welcomed by embassies, and received the kindness of strangers when she needed a charge.

Last Thursday her epic journey culminated in her crossing the finishing line at the Innovation Zone at COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Our partner Blue Marble is assessing the carbon footprint of the whole journey.

Huge thanks to Bloomsbury Institute for their support and Bloomsbury Radio for their daily live coverage. Thanks too to all our partners including Relimb, Danish Entrepreneurs, GEN Egypt, eDrive, and the Glasgow Science Centre. Contributors include entrepreneurs and experts from around the world including Sharm El Sheikh, Santiago, Venice, London, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Thailand, Marrakesh, Athens, Orleans, Dubai, Paris and Cairo.