Our countdown to GEW UK 2022 starts today. As part of GEW UK this year we are presenting Startup Planet will host the big conversation between entrepreneurs and policy makers to fast-track progress towards Net Zero. Started in Glasgow during COP26, we are back for COP27 driving the road from Glasgow to Sharm El Sheikh in the Startup Planet EV. From Glasgow’s iconic Science Centre, Envirorally cofounder Clara Stone will set off an historic envirodrive passing through Scotland, England France, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece.The second leg in Egypt is limited to the environs of Sharm El Sheikh due to the lack of charging infrastructure in the country. Overall, an amazing journey across 10 countries.

Along the way, Clara will be stopping at innovation and sustainability hubs including Crown Oil, Zytek, Cambridge University, Electrogenic, Transition One, Bosco Verticale, Venisia, Green City of Ljubljana, Rimac, Zold Zona, Green Charger Network, and Port of Pireaus. We will be sharing stories daily of what Clara discovers and how that relates to the legacy of COP26 and the conversations that are planned for the conference. Building on our first conference in Glasgow in 2021, the Startup Planet conference will take place 10-11 November and will be available globally online as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, which is being celebrated in 200 countries 14-20 November. The second leg Startup Planet car will pass the symbolic finish line at the Innovation Zone, next to the COP27 green and blue zones, opening the conference. In addition to panel sessions, we will be featuring interviews with delegates attending the COP.

Clara will will set off from the Glasgow Science Centre at 11am Thursday 27th October and will be passing the Hope Stone on route to first stop, Crown Oil, Bury. If you are in Glasgow, please come down and give Clara a cheer!