We’re pleased to welcome women in business champion, Helen Martin Gee, as a Non-Executive Director. Helene is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and founder and President of Savvitas, the network for women business leaders she established as well as the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Entrepreneurship.

Helene devised the highly successful BoardAble programme improving opportunity for women and under-represented groups in public life and on boards; she is an active member of Parliamentary initiatives to encourage more women into politics, and a Parliament Week founding partner. To support and encourage female entrepreneurship throughout the UK, Helene created BoardAble, MP HERoes, and the Economic Blueprint for Women programme. In 2020 she initiated World Business Women Day and the quarterly WBW Caucus to connect female entrepreneurs and corporate leaders globally, along with the WBW Barometer, an international benchmark for women business leaders.

Helene said, “Women entrepreneurs are making great progress in the UK and globally, but there is still much to do, so it will be a key focus of my work with GEN.”