25% of UK students want to become startup founders says report with 43% of startups having a BAME founder and 40% a female founder.

The State of UK Student Startups 2020 is the inaugural report published by Creator Fund looking at what inspiring student founders are working on across the UK. The report is based on analysis of a sample of 545 companies from the past academic year.

Across universities, student founders demonstrated how they are solving some of the biggest challenges we face, and how they have adapted and persevered in the face of Covid-19. Creator Fund is excited about the startups emerging from UK campuses.

‘This year we have invested in teams simplifying the convoluted process of VAT refunds, machine vision PhDs creating robots that can identify recyclable material, and a team getting homes ready to be transformed by the internet of things’.

In September they will be expanding from 21 university campuses to 27, informed by where they have seen the most interesting deal flow this year. If you are a student founder dreaming up Europe’s next big technology startup, Creator Fund look forward to meeting you on campus.

State of UK Student Startups 2020