One of the 250 Founders of Tech City, in 2016 she pivoted her company FlyingBinary to meet the challenges of the Metaverse and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with spectacular results.

She is recognised as one of the 100 Global Leaders, is a Top Ten Global IoT innovator, and an independent industry analyst for IIoT. An Expert Advisor to the European Commission in a Fire-Starter role for the Future Digital Economy, with specific responsibilities for innovation and improving the health and wellbeing outcomes for 450 million citizens. A Top 20 UK Impact entrepreneurs and most influential UK web scientist in 2021,

Globally recognised as the world’s first Smart City Tsar, and a Strategic Advisor to the UK Government. She has recently taken an appointment back in the UK’s Cabinet Office to create the Open Standards for the UK Government and is an Expert Advisor to the United Nations for the 2030 net zero plan.

She founded the Empathy Economy to share the secrets of her global success plan with entrepreneurs via a unique membership offering. The Empathy Economy Online launches in 2022. She has personally committed to support 1 million entrepreneurs with resources to meet the challenges of a post Isolation Economy and transition them to grow their companies in the IIoT.