Kosta is an award-winning and global super-connector who co-designs leading startup and tech initiatives in Europe, scouts innovation for the private and public sector. He supports tech startups and scale-ups to explore collaboration with potential clients, partners, and funders through Empact Ventures.

Based in Bournemouth, Empact Ventures co-designs the Super Connect Series in 12 cities across the UK and Ireland with Hays to match-make tech startups and scale-ups with corporates, SMEs and funders to explore collaboration. Kosta has co-designed leading initiatives including the Super Connect Series (with Hays UK&I), the I-COM Global Data Startup Challenge, and StartUp Britain amongst others.

He acts as an advisor and super-connector to many tech startups and scale-ups including X0PA, Adaptai, UGenie, and Zasteo. In addition, he supports a number of charities, causes and campaigns, is an adviser and super connector for good to super connect them to the people, resources and wider support they need to create social impact including UnLtd, Young Enterprise and Feel Fab UK. www.empact-ventures.com and www.superconnectseries.com